1st Empties post =)

Hello world ^^

This is going to be my very first ever “Empties” post. I absolutely love watching and reading these from other bloggers. Its so interesting because there is one thing that I find very hard to do, and its actually completely finishing a product. (only if you’re like me who like to try out new products OR on a hunt for the holy grail “IT” product)

I started collecting these since November 2014. I’m thinking of doing this type of post every 3-6 months (depending how many products I do finish during that period). Ok, enough of me blabbing on and on..

  1. Nivea – Soft
    • My everyday moisturiser for my face. I have been using this same one for the last 3 years. Back then I suffered from extreme dryness, but it wasn’t the dryness that was, slap on some moisturiser and its ok. It was dry BUT at the same time my face was extremely oily. I tried so many different types of products (drug store AND high end) nothing worked. My friend recommended to just going with something simple. And simple, worked. I’m actually scared to venture out for something new. BUT let me know if you guys have any recommendations for extreme combination skin like mineimage
  1. Garnier – Micellar Cleansing water
    • The next best thing to Bioderma. This is such a good eye make-up remover that is very affordable. The Bioderma was so expensive for me to get here in Australia, you either get it online (pay expensive postage) or buy small sizes at Priceline (drug store) for a ridiculous price. This always remove all my eye liner and mascara without any problems.


  1. Schwarzkopf – Extra care – Hair repaid with Liquid Keratin
    • This has helped my dry, chemical straightened hair and out of control hair, GET into control and manageable state for me. Give it a try guys =)


  1. Batiste – Cherry
    • Another lifesaver on days that I wake up late and don’t have enough time for a shower. My hair looks fresh, smells good AND gives me the prefect amount of volume.  I’ve tried the other scents and other brands but this one is the best “pleasant” one. (I say pleasant because so many of them stinks or just too over whelming, in my opinion anyways)image
  1. PeriPera – Tint Glow Stick (Wind Love)
    • My first ever lipstick I have finished. I love LOVE this lipstick on days I can’t be bothered putting on my favourite red lips. I can put this on without a mirror; stays put on the lips and is moisturising. This is my first product that I tried from this Korean brand. I now have 3 shades in total.

imageHope this post was interesting and helped some of you guys ^^

x o x o Linder


W I N T E R & dry lips.

Hello World !!

It is currently W I N T E R here in Australia.  It is freeeeezing >< I believe that it may be the coldest it has been for a very long time.  AND that it started getting cold before winter offically started, so it was I think begining of May.

So the point of this post is to share with you my remedies to get rid of them ugly, horrible, uncomfortable and embarssing “DRY LIPS“.  I honestly get them all year round its depressing.  I need to have a lipbalm with me at all times.

My bestfriend last christmas gave me a lip product that I believe has improved my dry lips DRAMATICALLY !! its the Lush Lip Scrub.  ( I have it in Bubblegum )

I know you can make your own one because its very easy and Lush uses marjority natural ingredients anyway.  Its only sugar, jojobo oil and flavour, something along those lines.  I love it.  My bestfriend also recommended me to use a specific lipbalm after that I haven’t heard off until now.  Its “CARMEX“.  I though it was such a weird name for a lipbalm but when I youtubed this product, apparently I’m very late into this Carmex trend lols.  I have it in the squeezy tube (its more hygienic) and original flavour (I can’t seem to find the Cherry flavour but I would like to try).

Lush + Carmex = Aaaaaaaaaaamazing lips. So soft and kissable and no complaints from the boyfriend ^^ (even my boyfriend uses it hehehe)

BUT when I’m in a rush and can’t do this in the morning (is when I normally use it), I will normally just use my soft toothbrush and gently scrub em.  Does the same thing pretty much but it doesn’t make me lip feel soft because there isn’t any jojobo oil SO it doesn’t feel as nice.

What do you guys do?

x o x o Linder ♥