Bargain FIND !!

Hello world =)

I have recently came across some pretty good makeup/everyday essentials while I was shopping for my overseas trip earlier in the year.  I was trying to save as much money and where I can to have the extra cash on the trip.

One thing that I was really surprised to find and absolutely LOVE, that was so cheap and easy to get access to, was the “Green tea” face wipes from Kmart.  You are probably thinking, yeah right/sure sure. BUT trust me guys, its pretty good for the price of $2 AUS !!!! That’s such a bargain!  I really didn’t think much about it, I was thinking, yeah this will do for when the laziness hits me and tired days from walking and exploring Vietnam. 


This does an amazing job on removing EVERYTHING (with the exception of my 10 million layers of mascara, I need a bit more effort for the eyes), it does its job.  There is no dryness or tight feeling you feel after using them and it smells great. 

I’m still using it 4 months later.  No breakouts.  No nothing.  I do wear makeup on a daily basis for work as well.  I did try another “Green tea” face wipe from BIG W, but it wasn’t for me.  I hate it.  The texture of the wipes themselves were very rough and hard.  It had a burning sensation especially when I used it around my nose area and also my lips when I decide to change a different shade of lipstick.

Let me know what other face wipes I should try out.  I have tried a few, BUT maybe your favourite will become mine =)

x o x o Linder




Present fr Japan !!


omg thank you thank you thank you to my friend Lyly & Leslie. They just came back from their holiday in Japan this morning (literally) dropped by my work and gave me my first part of my presents!!! yay !! I have only ever tasted it once. Yes once. AND I LOVE IT!!

I tried to see online where I was able to purchase them but I wasn’t very successful. People were saying to go eBay but reviews on the sellers weren’t very convincing with people saying that the products were ruined from poor packaging and products melted. So… it was a turnoff to purchasing them over eBay. And to be honest when they asked me what I wanted from Japan, I didn’t even think of this lol.

KitKat actually has 35 different flavours. That is crazy, considering here in Australia we only have, one. (>_<) I’m SOOOOO happy ^____________________^

x o x o Linder ♥