Best Face Powder ♥

Sana – Pore Putty Clear ♥

I have only recently started using this face powder on the recommendation of YouTube guru “Secretlifeofabionerd” AND its AAAMAZZING !!!

At first I was really skiptical because I have never tried Asian makeup before except for the Liole BB cream.  I got it because “Secretlifeofabionerd” her makeup looked great !! So flawless (so jealous).

Everyone at work has complimented me on having such smooth and bright skin.  And asking me what I am eating or doing different? hehehe its such a nice feeling getting complimented.  Another really good thing with this powder is that it really does control my oily face.  I use to have to use powder at lunch or pat my face with the oil sheets, but after using this I noticed that it’s only when I get home at night that its oily.  That’s really good as I’m usually at work by 8-8.30am.  I also found that it actually did cover my large pores!! (AMAZING)

I love the packaging, its so cute and compact to fit in my bag.  Its suppose to be a clear powder but after using couple of times, there is a foundation colour that comes off on the sponge that comes with it.  I use the sponge that it comes with because I use a patting motion to apply it,  it seems to work better that way.  I did try using a brush with it, but to I feel like it doesn’t distribute the product correctly and it doesn’t look as smooth.  My skin colour is very fair.  It’s NC20-25.

I really do recommend this product ladies =)  I got mine from  its the cheapest can could find.

x o x o Linder ♥