Maybelline – The Elixir – Signature Scarlet

image Love this lip colour! For when I’m wanting a sheer gloss but with really good colour payoff. Stays on really well aswell.  The glossiness goes away after a meal but there is still colour left on my lips. Paired with my favourite liquid eye liner at the moment, Clio Kill Black.  Its a korean brand liner and it very comparable to the Kat Von D – Trooper liner.  The brush on the Clio is a bit more softer but colour and wearing power is the same. x o x o Linder


squeaky clean makeup brushes =)

MUST clean your makeup brushes.

For a very long time I didn’t clean my makeup brushes.  I used to use and reuse brushes until they look yucky and throw them out.  Yes.  So bad an unhygienic of me. *slaps hand*  BUT now that I am getting more and more into my makeup, I learn that this is the most important step in keeping your face blemish free and not bacteria buildup that could ruin your skin.  There are many different ways (well a few different ways) of cleaning your brushes.  Over the last year or so, a lot of my YouTube gurus have taught me these ways.

From above No.1 -Baby Shampoo and No.2 – Extra virgin olive oil & dish washing detergent; are more of the intensive/deeper cleans for makeup brushes.  With these you will need water and to foam them up and swirl in your hand and rinse until clean.  The No.2 one in my opinion is more worthy or doing just because after washing, my brushes feel extra soft and like brand spanking new, because of the olive oil putting the moister back in them.  *my way of cleaning*

No. 3 – any brand of brush cleaner.  These are also very effective but is costly so I always prefer No.2 because you will almost every time have these ingredients already in your kitchen.

No. 4 – makeup remover wipes.  These are generally for those who wants to spot clean their brushes.  For instance if you’re using eye shadow on your favourite brush and you don’t happen to have another one on hand, you can simply use your makeup wipe to “Spot clean” and re-use instantly.  This is a very good way if you’re in a rush and not being able to have that clean brush to use.

How often should you clean your brushes?  Ideally, everyday. But, who has time for that right? Here are a few guidelines:

  • Foundation Brushes – minimum once a week
  • Brushes used for finishing powders and bronzers – once a week
  • Blush Brushes – one a week
  • Eyeshadow Brushes – every 2-3 days
  • Eyeliner Brushes – after every use especially if you use an eyeliner sealant.

Ladies, yes I know its such a hassel but trust me your skin will love you for it.  AND don’t forget to take off all makeup before heading to bed.  Gives you skin time to recover and breathe ^^

x o x o Linder

Early Birthday present from the Bestie ♥

Makeup brushes has always been something I always wanted to invest in but I never really knew which ones to get.  My bestfriend is also a very makeup/fashion person and so I always hear from her what is good and isn’t.  She has been telling me about the “real Techniques brushes” by Samantha Chapman (Pixiwoo sisters on youtube) that they are one of the best and very well priced for the quality.  I also have seen alot of reviews but have never been keen on getting them because I had to get them online. (I kinda don’t like purchasing online because of postage prices & shipping time)

So by now you properly figured that yes, my bestfriend got me some of the Real Techniques brushes (thanks TINA!!!!) ^_____^  They have only recently (pretty much as of last week) became available in Australian retailer “Priceline”.  Which is awesome because they are EVERYWHERE hehehhe.  These are the ones she got me :

I used it for the first time this morning and I have to say they are soooooooooooooooooooo much better then my old cheapy ones.  They pick up the pigments very well and also transfer onto the face so well.  I dont feel that I am losing product into the brush like some brushes.  AND they are super duper soft. I VERY much recommend these brushes =)

check out the website –

x o x o Linder ♥