big pores

Best Face Powder ♥

Sana – Pore Putty Clear ♥

I have only recently started using this face powder on the recommendation of YouTube guru “Secretlifeofabionerd” AND its AAAMAZZING !!!

At first I was really skiptical because I have never tried Asian makeup before except for the Liole BB cream.  I got it because “Secretlifeofabionerd” her makeup looked great !! So flawless (so jealous).

Everyone at work has complimented me on having such smooth and bright skin.  And asking me what I am eating or doing different? hehehe its such a nice feeling getting complimented.  Another really good thing with this powder is that it really does control my oily face.  I use to have to use powder at lunch or pat my face with the oil sheets, but after using this I noticed that it’s only when I get home at night that its oily.  That’s really good as I’m usually at work by 8-8.30am.  I also found that it actually did cover my large pores!! (AMAZING)

I love the packaging, its so cute and compact to fit in my bag.  Its suppose to be a clear powder but after using couple of times, there is a foundation colour that comes off on the sponge that comes with it.  I use the sponge that it comes with because I use a patting motion to apply it,  it seems to work better that way.  I did try using a brush with it, but to I feel like it doesn’t distribute the product correctly and it doesn’t look as smooth.  My skin colour is very fair.  It’s NC20-25.

I really do recommend this product ladies =)  I got mine from  its the cheapest can could find.

x o x o Linder ♥


The Porefessional

Good morning world =)

Have you heard of Benefits Porefessional? I’m sure some of you have.  Its like a primer that helps you fight the visiabilty of pores!!!  I seem to always have had really ugly looking big pores.  And its so ugly under foundation sometimes (depending on what you use) and so I have always looked for primer that has helped “fill” them in before applying foundation.

I was using Smashbox Photofinish Primer and it worked but I really hated that silicon smell and after a while it started to feel grainy and not completely smooth.

I have always heard about Benefit but because I have never used any of their products and didn’t know much, I kinda just gave it a miss everytime walking pass the counter.  Just recently I signed up to them beauty boxes month subscriptions, and one month I actually received a very decent sized sample. (it was from Bellabox) I was so excited because I was really in need of something new and I wasn’t game enough to go buy it in store.  So when this came in the mail, it made me feel like maybe its meant to be LOL!

The consistancy of the product is really smooth, doesn’t have a weird silicon smell and another thing that I absolutely love about it, is that its tinted.  Blends in very well AND does what it claims to do.  During the day I feel like my makeup did stay and not slide around like how it would for some other primers I used (which defeats the purpose of it).

Check out the website, the Benefit team did a really great job with packaging and its so cute how they even have like a mini series about the product ^__________^

Anyways guys, what are you thoughts? ALSO I really want to try the Tints from Benefit.  Are they worth buying?

x o x o Linder ♥

ps. makeup in Australia is sooooooo expensive >< I am very jealous of those overseas especially the US. *shakes fist* (T.T) its so much cheaper there.  And even if I brought it online, postage is a killer and I might as well buy it here and get it now instead of waiting 7-21 days.