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Younique 3d Mascara

Hello world =)

My cousins have recently told me about this ” Younique 3d Mascara “, how amazing and wonderful it is.  To be honest, I wasn’t really interested, I was happy with my current mascara routine.  BUT being a supportive cousin, I thought why not.



I have tried something similar in the past.  I did like it but my issue with the product is that, it did take a bit of extra time in the morning for me to use it.  [Confession: I work as a dental front desk receptionist, and I do love  LOVE my sleep hahaha.  So most of the time,  I like my makeup time to be as short as possible to get to work on time.]


Pros:  SUPER LONG LASHES. no questions asked.

Cons:  Takes a bit of time.


Overall, I really like it for weekends when I have extra time to get ready and also for going out at night.  It saves me time from trying to stick falsies on (I kind of suck at it >_____< and its time consuming if you can’t get it right the first time).  You will get compliments while using it.  I’ve been asked quite a few times.  If you guys are interested, get in contact with my cousin Kimmi =)

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Its been awhile..

Hello world =)

Its been a very long time since I have posted anything here. A lot of happened since then BUT there has been no change for my love of makeup and fashion.

Over the last year, I have tried a lot of different products. Have been on the search for a holy grail foundation, perfect lipstick/stain/gloss and skin care routine.  I know some of you out there can relate to the ups and downs of when you are in this process.

It can be quite costly here in Australia, and I think I’ve mentioned it in an old post, but here is Australia; we cannot return used makeup.  Even if the sales rep had given you the wrong shade or you youself had picked/changed your mind, too bad. So returns/refunds.  There are the exceptional stores like “MECCA” which is similar to a “Sephora” but not as big of a range.

I will start again to share my findings with everyone and hppefully get some helpful feedback and suggestions ^_______^

Until then, enjoy your day and remember to keep smiling beautifuls.

Xoxo linder

online shopping $$

hello word !! its such lovely day here in Brisbane today. I hope that everyone is having a nice day. Online Shopping. Over the last 2-3 years, I have noticed that people are starting to do a lot more online shopping. And I wouldn’t blame them, when you can get something that is the same as in the stores for a cheaper price (sometimes).

Depending where you are shopping and what you are buying. There are websites out there that offers people “FREE SHIPPING” worldwide, which is totally awesome!! OR the products are so much cheaper that with postage it’s still cheaper than getting it in store and that you don’t mind the postage wait. Actually I am going to list out PROS and CONS.


  • cheap
  • easier , no waiting in change room lines when there are sales and fighting over a particular size with another person!
  • FREE SHIPPING with cheaper prices
  • Sites that have a point system where you can use to re-purchase
  • more variety


  • postage times
  • you don’t get to try on the clothing item

I’ve noticed also sites that give “STUDENT discounts” like ASOS, which in my opinion, if I was a student I would defiantly buy online. As a student you kind of want/need to use money wisely. Especially if you are not living at home and have a decent paying job.

There are so many companies who are heading in that direction. Even for ordering food!! I wonder what it would be like in 20 years time. Would we even need to go in store ?

Xoxo Linder

Fav Lip combo ^^

hello world =)

It has been awhile since I last posted something. I have been really busy with work and personal life. BUT I am back and I want to share with you ladies what I have been using and discovered for my lips.


| “NYX” soft matte lip cream – Istanbul | “Laura Mercier” Lip Glace – Bare blush | “EOS” lip balm – Strawberry sobert |

I’ve spoken already about Laura Mercier lip gloss in one of my previous posts. NYX lip cream has always been something I wanted to try. But like most american products its very hard to get because we have to purchase them online AND pay for crazy postage prices. I finally decided to buy a whole bunch of things from “Cherryculture” so I was paying postage for all them products in one go, so why not. =) I LOVE IT. LOVE LOVE LOVE it. Very smooth and it doesn’t have the sticky feeling like you would with most lip glosses. I do wear it on it’s own. But when I want a little bit of a shine, I just use the LM lip gloss on top.


EOS. Nothing super great about this. I think its the packaging thats really cute and different, is where most of the hype is. It is moisterizing but its nothing any lip balm like “pawpaw” or “bertsbee” can’t do. I think its super cute and I want them all just because its cute… ^__________________________^ oh one negative thing.. I don’t really like the smell… I got the strawberry one and a honeydew one for my boyfriend and we both think they both smell a little similar with a hint of difference… if you know what I mean.


These three together has been really nice for me for everyday wear. EOS (moisture) > NYX (colour) > LM (gloss) Perfect combo! LOVE! OH! whats another nice NYX colour to try in the lip creams? or what are your fav lip combos?

x o x o Linder ♥

Long weekend away ..

The past weekend was a Long Weekend here in Australia. We had a public holiday on the Monday for “Queens Birthday”. YAAAAAAAY. It was also my “2 year anniversary” with my boyfriend =) So it was prefect timing for us to do something fun and relaxing, as we both have been working really hard and crazy hours.

We decided to have a mini getaway, that wasn’t so far away from home. We decided on the Gold Coast. And we decided to stay at…………………………………….. ” PALAZZO VERSACE”

It is beautiful. The best hotel I have stayed at. The service is great. It really does make you feel like a millionaire =) I love everything about this place. From the people to food to all the little details they put into making your stay a very memorable one.

This is the room that we got to stay in. I was expecting this. I thought it would be a very basic small one.


whats a 5star hotel you have been too?

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Best Face Powder ♥

Sana – Pore Putty Clear ♥

I have only recently started using this face powder on the recommendation of YouTube guru “Secretlifeofabionerd” AND its AAAMAZZING !!!

At first I was really skiptical because I have never tried Asian makeup before except for the Liole BB cream.  I got it because “Secretlifeofabionerd” her makeup looked great !! So flawless (so jealous).

Everyone at work has complimented me on having such smooth and bright skin.  And asking me what I am eating or doing different? hehehe its such a nice feeling getting complimented.  Another really good thing with this powder is that it really does control my oily face.  I use to have to use powder at lunch or pat my face with the oil sheets, but after using this I noticed that it’s only when I get home at night that its oily.  That’s really good as I’m usually at work by 8-8.30am.  I also found that it actually did cover my large pores!! (AMAZING)

I love the packaging, its so cute and compact to fit in my bag.  Its suppose to be a clear powder but after using couple of times, there is a foundation colour that comes off on the sponge that comes with it.  I use the sponge that it comes with because I use a patting motion to apply it,  it seems to work better that way.  I did try using a brush with it, but to I feel like it doesn’t distribute the product correctly and it doesn’t look as smooth.  My skin colour is very fair.  It’s NC20-25.

I really do recommend this product ladies =)  I got mine from  its the cheapest can could find.

x o x o Linder ♥